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About Us

What Sets Us Apart?

At our core, we’re a patient-centered practice with customized treatment approaches


  • 20 years of combined orthodontic and general dentistry experience helps Dr. Esphabod to collaborate well with your dentist and other dental specialists to achieve a great outcome
  • Extensive experience in administering clear aligner treatment (including Invisalign, Suresmile and uLab)
  • Over 10 years of experience in treating children and teens (still practicing in Sea Mar Community Health Clinic providing care to underserved communities)


Modern orthodontic office with state-of-the-art technology

  • We are aiming for a paperless environmentally friendly practice.
  • For braces, we use one of the best brands in the world, 3M. The alloy stays stable throughout the treatment with great finishing results.
  • Our customized aligner system is the latest aligners system technology (Invisalign is the oldest), which is also the only aligner system that the plastic can be recycled for other products. Yay!
  • Our office is equipped with a Vatech 3D X-ray machine that is fast and safe with dramatically reduced exposure time and radiation dosage.
  • No more goop and gag reflex! We have an intra-oral 3D scanner for digital dental impressions.
  • Our 3D printer will save time on appliance fabrication with higher fitting accuracy.

Better Outcomes

  • We are a patient-centered practice with customized treatment approaches
  • Experience in orthognathic treatment (jaw corrective surgery) and working closely with excellent oral surgeons in the greater Seattle area to achieve excellent outcomes for each patient
  • Doctor and staff available four days a week vs. 2-4 times a month at corporate dental practices

Come Discover the
Seattle Precision Orthodontics Difference

Our mission is to provide excellence in orthodontic care to as part of lifelong dental health.
Book your appointment today and come get to know your Northgate Orthodontist!
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